This page documents the timeline of the Interstellite Universe. No exact dates are listed. Events listed in order of when they occurred.


  • Juna is born, and creates a world that thrives on nature, with no beings.
  • Her first attempt to create a person, Poizen, fails horribly, and in a rush, is left to drfit into space.
  • Juna successfully creates life on all planets, and creates variety between many beings.
  • Poizen almost kills Juna, causing her to flee into Earth, and causing her to suppress her powers.
  • Immortalis is born around that time.
  • Poizen claims the Color Aisles, and makes everyone a Poizen filled monster.
  • Immortalis rises to power on Interstellite.
  • Interstellite becomes the center of the universe for hybrids, known or unknown.
  • Immortalis promotes Guko as the Commander for battle.
  • Dimada is born and rises to power on Cryslatia.
  • Nega is born.
  • Ekina rises to power on Paijinko.
  • Shortly after that, she gives birth to Azulus.
  • Poizen attacks Interstellite, and actually starts causing some damage.
  • Immortalis is killed by Nega.
  • After killing Immortalis, Nega gets cleaned as a side effect.
  • Guko beats Poizen and they flee without Nega.
  • Nega escapes Interstellite and goes to Bruxa, Juna's personal witch, asking for help.
  • Guko becomes king on Interstellite.
  • Nega brings Immortalis to Ekina, asking for her healing.
  • Ekina sacrifices her powers to bring Immortalis back to life.
  • Poizen sneaks into Interstellite.
  • Guko kills Poizen in self-defense.
  • Larisa is born.
  • Ambrosia and Ai detect a great problem brewing in the universe.
  • Azulus becomes queen on Paijinko and Immortalis returns to power on Interstellite.
  • Larisa gathers the crooks from around the universe and forms the Nishimura Clan.
  • Larisa gathers three humans to be test subjects for her wicked plans. All of her subjects "fail".
  • Larisa throws away her test subjects, who want to seek revenge.
  • Fury goes on a rampage, destroying anything in his way, becoming a known name.
  • Ceseilia discovers Fury's identity and tries to find a way to calm his rage.
  • Reboot, the controller of electric waves, connects to Earth's internet line and directs Ceseilia to Hanoi for help with Fury.
  • Hanoi cures Fury's rage.
  • The Experiments are created, consisting of KimoneyKalama and Fury, with the sole goal of taking down the Nishimura Clan.
  • Mikasa rises to general of the Nishimura Clan.
  • Larisa attempts to capture Interstellite, but fails.
  • Through this, she becomes vulnerable, and the Experiments attack, killing Larisa and imprisoning Mikasa.
  • Frost comes to life out of an ice block on a Earth.
  • Frost attempts to reek havok on Cryslatia.
  • He fails miserably, being driven out by Tevik during one of his check-ups, but gets away.
  • Frost flees into the vast depths of the galaxy, and a period of peace ensues.
  • Ekina freezes to death due to Frost, bring the first victim he claims.
  • More events will be added as more occurs or is cleared up in the universe's timeline.

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