Who is in control




Haunted Human

Eye Color

Red, normally unable to see them.








Karayan was a child sent to live with her grandparents after her parents died. They say the house she lived in was haunted, and the spirits are ruthless. Karayan up until that point was normal, until the spirits brought out her demons. Karayan's inner demons proved to be stronger and meaner than the others, and everything being held in her was released onto the house. Then her grandparents disappeared, and it is believed Karayan killed them. Her transformation began, her heart and soul begun to show, a purple spirit aura surrounded her, her eyes were replaced with a think shadow, her skin became gray and tears replaced with blood. Some say the heart that shows is her kindness level, and only god knows what'll happen when it fully melts into black.


Karayan's skin is a pale grey. She wears her black hair in a ponytail, and there is a constant shadow over her eyes, hiding them for the most part. Blood is visible oozing from them. She wears a black shirt with a black-and-red dripping heart on the front, and six slits on the sides showing a multitude of strange blue lights, seemingly swirling around within her. She also wears dull red pants and black shoes. She has an X-shaped, constantly-bleeding cut on both hands, is surrounded by a purple shadow aura, and is always sporting a disturbing grin.


  • She is based off of the song "Control" by Halsey.


  • There's no hope for you left, so I'd say you give in now.
  • Love and Blood are the same color, but the love in my heart fades the more I cause blood?
  • GoD DaMN RiGHT You SHouLD Be SCaReD oF Me. . .


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